Annihilating an Icon: Matsushita Murders the Technics SL-1200

It has been rumoured for years, often perhaps with the cynicism of local distributors wanting to get a flood of orders, but it looks as if the Technics SL-1200 series has finally been flushed away by Matsushita (Panasonic to most) like a dead bug, an unwanted distraction. Most will have some sense of its greatness, […]

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3D goes back to the B

Whenever it feels confused or threatened Hollywood reaches for 3D like a desperate salesman trying to half remember a ridiculous promise to close that crucial deal. In the 1950s television looked like Death to the industry so the challenge was to find a way to pack more bums on those seats with something the little […]

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I am a PR vet who is currently a digital marcomms consultant in London. It is becoming so much more than that as boundaries blur, clients get wise and all kinds of consumers (from kids snapping gum to corporate types buying expensive kit) get hip and move on. 20 minutes into the future of Marcomms is more than just a Max Headroom reference and a joke about New Coke in America. 20 minutes is far enough away from now to be interesting but not far enough into the long grass to talk about projected logos on the moon or imaginary £500bn location based mobile HD marketing taking over the world.