There’s one born every minute

Not blogs of course. That’s true too – however, i’m referring to the old PT Barnum adage about suckers – or to be more PC, people who assimilate and act upon marketing messages uncritically. These days it also refers too and kind of marcomms practitioner who just bangs out the same old mechanics in the same old way, even as the world is changing into multiple channels of white noise for most consumers (and remember that business decision makers are consumers, too). Even more confusingly, in my mind it also means marcomms folk who jump on the nearest trend like kangaroos on trampolines before they have bothered to understand it. I work in PR (not a demonic trade, just a natural institutional reaction to a fast, aggressive media landscape), but that is just one way that brands, media and consumers interface. Or not. But it is all a mix these days so only the arrogant stick to monitoring and advocating their patch. Matters here are developing – and may even become interesting – stay tuned…


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