Whipping it out: The new face of FMCG?

Oatmeal gets exciting…On a more positive note, I noticed that Quaker Oats has put some tackle their efforts to sell otherwise indistinctive instant oatmeal style foodstuffs via YouTube and a bit of faux controversy. The more come as you are side of the press has covered the fact that for a brief instant, Windy Miller’s nudist uncle has his one string oboe visible for a few almost noticeable frames. Giving new life to a classic character and pointing press in the direction of the non-scandal has increased the reach of their efforts no end. And given the press the chance to talk about all the other hard to see naughties out there (like Jessica Rabbit’s flash, the infamous Little Mermaid erection etc). Three duty log mentalists have complained to the ASA about it which only adds to the fun. When asked for comment, they claimed to be ‘keeping it natural’. Class. Now if they could only give Oastso Simple a less deeply annoying name…


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