Money+braindeath=garbage every time

The disaster of disasters.  Missing the point despite all the cash and people…TiVO is one of the few real revolutionary consumer electronics devices in a long, long time. It’s a shame that it has been DRMed a bit over the years (where broadcasters can flag a show for deletion) and as a company they of course have the problem that their innovation is easy to replicate and commodify but my hat is ever off to them. They probably have a kind of future as an ingredient brand if their tech can keep up, but commodity is always a killer.

Or can new concepts like PVRs be commodified so easily? What is shocking to read in John Battelle’s excellent and angry, angry, angry post about his experience with a completely rubbish Comcast clone is that so many companies can get such a simple concept so very wrong. It looks like certain kinds of corporate structures have a deterministic effect on product development – that if it goes through the process it must come out wrong no matter how simple the concept involved, like pigeon sausages made by meths crazed tramps under a bridge. If you are a first mover and market developer, there is a fuse under you for sure. It’s just amazing that isn’t shorter, which is sweet but is also an indictment of so many product development processes.


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