Get live on my wire…worldwide

10-4 etc…Social Media 0.73aI don’t, at the moment, have a MySpace profile. Many of my friends, especially those in the music and entertainment spaces do and find it very useful for making and maintaining contacts and gigging. My first reaction when I saw it is the incredible, unreal ugliness of it all. It seems to take massive effort to customise the thing to look at least a little better than the results from giving a strung out orang-utan an old copy of FrontPage 97. The thing has less style and aesthetic dignity than the average school message board (you know the cork type with all the photos and announcements on). Interesting to see today that I am not alone in this concern – our continental comrades have noticed how crude, crass and generally springbreak-y it looks and feels and this has put the Germans off for a start.

What makes Robin Levine’s piece even more interesting is that it begins to consider whether or not social networking will always consist of regional silos due to profound differences in culture and tech habits (SMS is still novel to many Americans). I think it might – but if someone can go global with it will be Newscorp, who are icily good at expanding their patch.

One thing I always notice about MySpace (and to a large extent Second Life) is that it seems to be a bad alpha version of something much, much better and more universal. Anyone remember CB radios?

Kind of like mobiles but rather more awkward and silly? Hmmmmm….


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