Depositioning in the Raw



A reverse Willie Horton?  Wish poor Harold had recovered from thisHere in the private sector world of jive and spinnage, depositioning generally needs to be subtle enough to influence without being public mud slinging – and have some basis in fact (or at least trend).

Of course in America during any election cycle the mud slings harder and faster than dung from a woolly mammoth’s arse after a three day bean eating binge. Of course there are metanarratives here about race paranoia, class difference and fear but what’s amazing is to see a form of marcomms where the gloves, the trousers and every form of professional standards and decency are off.

Imagine a world where you could say about a competitor: “Globocorp. Rapes the planet and your kids. Gives your email address to Albanian spammer gangs then laughs about it. Buy wotsits from Globocorp and you might as well be goose-stepping – at least till they sell your legs to a Chinese clone lab and make porn etc” over and over again until people either turned against them or became so confused they were ripe for other kinds of influencing

This Metafilter post includes a hilarious interview with two of the men who do voiceovers for this irony-free, crude propaganda and a selection of examples. These ads are dirty, awful, stupid, offensive disturbing…and amusing.


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