Conversation starters for the tragic?

Clearly in no way computer generated.Noticed a new aggregator thingy today called BuzzFeedwhich claims to pick up all the ‘hot topics’ on the web for you in one place with some sortoftryingtobeamusing editorial. Yahoo! and others still use some human editors but the tone feels quite bland and dated (as it must tend to be given the massive global audience). BuzzFeed is a bit more spiky but looks to me like a crib sheet for unconnected folk to be able to talk about the latest guff (Snoop Dogg dogwear, Nintendo Wii in case you were under a rock etc) and check out some sleb skin (a sickmaking photo of Lily Allen came top in the, uh, trend detector). Some heavyweight names behind the thing so worth watching with half an eye open at least. However, has the net not become so fragmented that we need more specific kinds of aggregation and mediation? Spoke to a very wise PR man at the w/e who thought that ironically enough aspects of trad journalism will be disinterred for this reason. Good food for thought, anyway. Even if some of these stories and pics are enough to make a man lose his lunch.


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