Merger Uncool: Corporate entertainment exposed

We all know that YouTube can expose things that are deeply wrong.  This sonic celebration of Bank of America’s union with MBNA is an example of the sort of thing that years ago would be restricted to the drink-fogged memories of a few employees who would laugh or shudder about it privately.  For years.  Now it is there for all the world to see.  There were so many things they could have done – maybe have a funny video about it all and post it to YouTube deliberately to humanise the situation.  Or anything to lighten the tone of the meeting and get the teams working together.  But instead the cringe factor was turned up to 11.

Obviously some reasonably smart and well meaning people were behind this, uh…incident.  If they were even more clever they would take the duo on the road with chat show appearances etc and make (temporary) stars of them in the style of those Halifax people.  Ads featuring them make me cringe personally, but professionally the idea of updating the old Shop Gimp Theatre idea and communicating like a retailer is something to admire.  So far Bank of America seem to have been using Cease and Desist rather than their brains to clean up after the mess.  Wrong wrong wrong.  This is spreading like wildfire online – a smart marketer would ride the wave.

Well with that (Red) business charitable tax dodger Bono showed he is not adverse to credit cards, but…


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