Shooting at TV like Elvis?

VOD the old fashioned wayCould not help but notice this ICM survey thing looking, once again into the decline of TV viewing that is supposed to have something to do with YouTube et al. It is well known that internet use is cutting into time that was once spent watching passively (its that sit back vs. sit forward thing), especially for the under-25 crew. Subjectively, I feel that it must be better for people to be engaged in some kind of interaction than staring pointlessly at Cilla Black’s truly frightening teeth but this study got me thinking – is it YouTube et al eroding TV or is it just the increasingly broadband enabled net, of which YouTube et al are becoming an important part? To me, YouTube is not the future of TV – it is a new, more altogether casual and bite-sized media format. More like a snack than a meal. The better things on it are simple, short or wonderful and old (like half-remembered New Wave videos) and it has very little to do with broadcasting as we know it. It is something marcomms in general has yet to fully understand or properly exploit. TV is an easy target for ‘replacement’ in a more dynamic media landscape, but wiser people should keep their pistols holstered for now.


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