Back to the future: Adland nostalgia and a lesson

Colt 45.  Works every time.  Open a tin and the crumpet comes running etcSaw this thing on the otherwise somewhat dubious Giant magazine website and thought it had a kind of Zen lesson to it. These old American ads which somehow must have survived on a dusty VHS against the odds have been given the dignity of pop culture hipness (or at least interest) two decades after the fact. That they are remembered so long after the fact is a testament to their success as brand communications, though it can be argued that the ads themselves made more impact than the products involved. However, the pop culture nostalgia trip phenomenon is well known and goes in cycles. What the challenge is today is to take the nostalgia away and make content so compelling that people put in top 50s of what they dig now, not from a deceptively ever cooler yesteryear. The net makes it easier to bypass the creativity deadening effects of mainstream media, but how many virals et al could pass this test compared to the number produced?


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