The top 50 top 50s etc: America’s alleged favourite virals

Cough cough etcNoticed a link today to the alleged favourite virals of 2006, at least according to iFilm (I could critique the intellectually dodgy concept of Top 10 whatevers or iFilm pretending its the only source of virals but can’t be arsed) and while I have yet to sift through them all, it seems that relatively little marcomms generated content made the leader board.  User generated stuff, media/famous people of some kind out of control (‘Kramer”s racist rant, slebs acting like Broadmoor inmates on Oprah etc), assorted freaks and decontextualised snippets of scary puppet people on Stateside TV seem to be much more popular than marcomms attempts to get off the mainstream media leash.  Hmmmmm…Time to sharpen up those ideas and learn from these.  Get more loose, or if you’re scared be like Coke and sponsor some kind of insane experiment with your product.


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