The, uh, ‘iPhone’ emerges

A Budapest museum well worth visiting.  Really.

Well as ever prescient Justin and others have noted, Gizmodo gave themselves a bit of a boost profile wise by “going out on a limb” and predicting that Apple would have introduced a so-called “iPhone” yesterday. They got the name right, but the vendor wrong – it is in fact an attempt by Linksys to brand a somewhat yawn-worthy line of VoIP guff.   Ho, hum etc.  I wonder if their PR people were in on the joke? Or if Gizmodo wanted some more eyeballs on its list of novelties?  Hmmmm…(Snore).

An Apple phone would not be launched in the dead zone just before xmas and I for one think that The Steve and friends will emerge with one later than expected.  4gb+ memory stick enabled Walkman phones will start to nibble at the low end of the Nano line (though the thought of caning my phone’s battery to listen to music seems silly) so Apple really does need to get involved.  Before rot sets in.  Rumours of a twin battery device which is more iPod Nano + slickasfuck Phone + MVNO offering rather than just a phone with extra memory are probably close to the mark.  Apple has higher margins and cool factor because it does not directly compete with commodity products in the markets it operates in.  An iPod has nothing to do with some me-too bit of plastic from a flash memory vendor and an iMac has no relation to generic bozobox PCs.  They will be there.  But not for a little while…


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