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I am actually on holiday in Morocco (AZERTY keyboards and all), or more specifically in Essouria (less infected by an ELLE Decor meets Camden Town aesthetic than the still lovely Marrakech).  In one of the best hotels. Ever.  Nonetheless in the day old IHTs I’ve been consuming alongside various foodstuffs have seen coverage of the impending release of the real iPhone.  It just happened and seems that it was more than I had anticipated.  Others will cover just how amazing the tech etc is. 

So instead I’m thinking about how Apple has handled this from both a jive and a business perspective. 

People have been talking about a non computer non iPod from Apple for a l o n g time.  Tablets, PDAs, ‘cellphones’ etc all have been in the rumour mill long enough to grow mould.  All are declining (PDA), abortive/confused (tablet) or utterly cutthroat/low margin (mobiles).  Therefore dangerous and potentially deadly (or at least embarassing) to be involved with.  This new device is a combination and almost in its own category.  Apple waited until something different was possible.  The combination of retail pricing one would expect for a boutique device with presumably some kind of operator subsidy (and a long two year contract to make them happy) is a masterstroke.  I thought they would go MVNO, foolishly forgetting that is not a sexy or sane business to be in.  This is also a device that does not and cannot compete with other phonish devices ensuring high margins.  Even 0.5% a year of the phone market makes it a hit.

On a jive level, I see a long, long, long period of leaking and encouraged, misdirected speculation.  Few could have suspected a full Safari install and the rest while all the various unattributed comments for months stoked the market into a pre-orgasmic frisson.  A faux name change (who has said Apple Computer since 1985?) adds to the fun. All high risk normally, but not in the hands of such a master.


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