I want what she’s wearing: Product placement gets smart

Good for cocktails.  But neat always has to be single malt
I have long been a fan of Dennis Publishing’s The Week because it is a great bathtime read and of course there is so much media out there a metadigest of it all is crucial.

I heard that product placement in the States was going to get more clever in the near future but did not see that Seenon has in fact launched.

Now in its current incarnation the site looks less tasteful than a Hen Night at TGI Friday’s but bear with me. Shows and films in partnership with Seenon (and there are quite a lot including some unlikely choices) inform Seenon of clothes, cars accessories and even paint colours that are appearing and then fans go onto to Seenon to click and buy. TV and cinema becomes a kind of catalogue. Everyone gets a cut and thus is happy. The thing could become a media outlet in its own right with previews, exclusive news and clips. If I was in charge I would add a load of classic films as well and generally make the thing more comprehensive.

The Lady of the House and I often play the old spot the J&B game when checking out our favourite vintage Eurocinema but this is the next level.

I wonder what clever sod will bring it to the UK? I can’t see it working as well for UK shows (who lusts for an ‘as featured on Eastenders track suit’?) but it is still worth a shot. Expect this concept to go large. Of course a lot of real stars prefer to get vintage or rare stuff that punters can rarely source at any price…


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