A Transatlantic visitor on the viral charts? Bruce Campbell gets spicy

I have blogged before on the mysterious and regrettable absence of ‘official’ ad agency generated content in the UK viral leader board. So many clever people and so much cash but still not a reliably cracked medium. I’ve got my own theories about it involving the difficulty of getting major brands to do things too edgy or lofi for mainstream media and the fact that profitably communicating with subcultures without alienating reliable, core stakeholders is a challenge. But this interloper from America which is doing the rounds here is genius and may offer some clues…

Cult favourite Bruce Campbell of Evil Dead + countless straight to video B movies does a surreal macho meditation on the word ‘it’ in a very gentlemanly setting. ‘It’ can refer either to the ‘Experience’ idea at the core of the wider campaign for Old Spice or else just the beast with two backs. Maybe the more repressed TV morals of the USA pushed W+K Portland into wink based ways of being naughty, or the coffee was good that day. In any case respect is due, etc.


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