Getting right down to it: Reductivist film marketing

The old school of sex sells.  Probably a better film, too…
Could not help noticing a brilliant bit of honest, basic film marketing from Woolworths (and most probably Universal) in today’s Metro. There has been plenty of guff about for the DVD release of The Devil Wears Prada (not my kind of film at all, but it has done well for itself) which may well make men feel left out while still getting the bland Anne Hathaway’s name about.

She also was in a critical and commercial failure of a film called Havoc where she play a poor little rich girl so distracted by a tattooed Latino variant of ‘gangsta’ clichés she keeps losing her clothes. This film made less than £3,000 at the UK Box Office and went straight to video Stateside despite it being the attractive young star’s first move out of Disneyness.

So how to shift this budget-priced peice of cinematic flatus (just £10.97 on DVD)? Wait until the Devil Wears Prada is out and then sell it on the only USP it’s got – a considerable amount of Hathaway-flesh.

The ad contained two great quotes – one from the Daily Sport “THE DEVIL WEARS NADA!” and the other from gloss fest Empire “…ANNE HATHAWAY GETS HER KIT OFF…”. Nothing at all to say there was any other possible reason to give 90mins+ to this rubbish.

Respect to those making the best of a bad situation and getting back to B-movie basics. Always love to see honesty in marcomms!


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