Extreme Branding Part 1: Bank Robbers

A classic brand indeed

Noticed one of these fun filler stories doing the rounds last weekend, but thought it actually represented one of the coolest and most fun branding challenges ever.  Apparently, the USA is seeing a real upsurge in bank robberies (which seem to have fallen out of favour in the UK as targets have become hardened, thus encouraging hostage tactics etc) and the Seattle office of the FBI is acting as a kind of brand consultant in creating names for them. The Paparazzi Bandit looks like an extra from Jackass and takes pictures of his victims, the Panama Hat bandit wears his name on his head, et cetera.  It helps the public to remember them and attracts a considerable amount of sustained media interest.  PC Plod and co could take a lesson from this and I for one would happily help them for free.


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