When guerilla shakes the tree: Haircuts and prison cells

The US does not do surrealism. At all.

Turner got two guys to do an LED based guerilla job for their ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’ cult adult cartoon. Boxes with LED based space invaders style characters giving the magic middle finger appeared across Boston and caused a bomb scare (with all the cost and disruption that means).

The city was paid $2m in compensation.

Boxes may be unhelpful in today’s enviornment but the authorities went mental and threw the book at the video artists/marketers involved.

They were advised not to comment, so instead attempted to turn the press conference into a discussion of cult hairstyles. The hacks get more and more angry, not realising that they have become part of the performance.

Pure genius.

Criminalised Guerilla Marketing: The Surrealist Response



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