YouTube haters form Zombie Alliance: The revenge of ‘Old’ Media?

Still out there.  Feel those CRTs hum….

I’ve noticed that the Economist Online has just put up a piece talking about the alliance of NBC/Universal and Fox/Newscorp to create some kind of anti-YouTube.  I blogged before about Viacom’s attempt to shake down Google for money and challenge the presence of its content on YouTube.  What I didn’t anticipate is Google’s lack of commercial persuasiveness vis a vis the content people and/or the content folks hatred of the user driven chaos of YouTube. 

So two of the largest US TV players are getting together to create a kind of YouTube sharing environment and combined with Viacom these companies probably have rights to a majority of popular content on YouTube.  Unless Google is able to force a consumer (and YouTube) friendly vision of Fair Use through the courts, this will hit them hard.  Maybe…

For it is not yet clear what the content people really intend. According to the briefing The Big Red One got, it will be just like YouTube but 100% legal from the content companies standpoint. If this is true, and people can blog and share and comment to their hearts content, then Google needs to be very worried. 

However, I would be amazed if they really do this.  Non-US viewers could be shut out, the clips covered with TV ads, branded all over and restricted in all kinds of ways (no fast forward, you must watch the credits etc).  For these companies crave control (maybe even more than revenue), and this is what YouTube denied them.  You don’t have to sit through a whole episode of something and a TV ad (notice I say TV ad, which is an inappropriate format for online ads) – you can just look at the two minutes of whatever some guy from Southend thought was funny and worth sharing.  I think that this ‘user generated’ aspect actually is more revolutionary than drunk students singing along to Britney Spears or setting their hair on fire, which is the kind of UGC amateur content ‘revolution’ the Economist talks about. 


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