A bottle of crap: Why is wine advertising rubbish?

Been away in America for a while but normal ‘service’ has now been resumed. 

For a long time I have wondered why (with the exception of the plucky, Hugh MacLeod assisted Stormhoek) wine marketing and advertising (at least that I can see) is so uniformly poor.  At the moment, Gallo, which a sensible man would not use to de-louse a dead cat, has been doing a print/outdoor campaign based around soft focus encounters in horrific chain pubs, assisted by some kind of ‘Celtic’ font.  Eyes meet across microwaved potato wedges, etc.  Awful. 

Then we have Lindemans going after the Lambrini crowd with a Tube campaign based around puns less funny than a case of scabies involving ‘rich and full bodied’ and Banrock Station threatening to send Charlie Dimmock round your house to dig up the garden while frightening local children. 

I suppose these campaigns appeal to the undemanding audiences who will profane their palate with antifreeze but that really is no excuse.  I cannot think of any other product where the marcomms landscape is so barren – not even stairlifts.  I wonder what the problem is?

Orson tanks up


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