Thai spices vs. BabyBel on the brain: UK adverts stay stupid

Well it seems as if the whole pre-Christmas slowdown does not happen in a global economy, at least for me. However one does still get the chance to see executions from around the globe – which are often shaming. I watch ITV almost never. I listen to commercial radio even less(I dig Radio 4, Resonance or various pirates) and only go to the cinema when there is something good on. So I miss a lot of the traditional, dying ad markets. But when I do catch them, celebrity based idiocy is much in evidence.

I could not help noticing that the Campaign Turkeys of 2007 once again featured some eye-wateringly poor celebrity spots – which is depressing. Slebs are a thought and creativity substitute for above the line – PRs can get away with it because hey hacks love them but the health warning is that research has shown again and again that people remember the celebrity, not the brand or idea. The UK once was famous for the creative and strategic quality of its advertising – which makes bad ads even more sad to see.

What people remember internationally is creative genius like this.


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