Design crimes in my ear

A better option?

I upgrade phones very slowly as I have been suckered onto 18 month contracts successively as you get a better deal.  My first phone was a bulky Motorola followed by a lovely little Nokia 3xxx series that served me for a good few years until I moved on to the T610 just on the basis that it was an achingly beautiful piece of design, rich in metal surfaces.  Things have since gone downhill like spittle down a slanted sidewalk.  Its successor was a grey plastic soapbar called the k700, then the marginally better k750i.  Now I got its much anticipated King of the Damned Cameraphones successor, the k850i.   

As soon as I ordered it, I noticed Russell Davies’ inspired take on how shite it is and wanted to weep.  It does feel like it has been designed by a denizen of the Ripspeed department at Halfords.  It can look good from a distance but the moment you touch it, you know you’ve been had.  It really is an insultingly poor piece of fingermark attracting blingtard plastic.  The camera, software, interface and everything else is wonderful.  Which makes it one of the most frustrating pieces of electronics I’ve ever had.  Everything is great except for the packaging.  As if the innards of a Leica were jammed into the obscene pink and silver body of one of those £30 digital cameras they sell at Superdrug.  Or a BMW 335i subject to multiple carnal encounters with the Max Power ‘ICE’ and ‘Accessories’ pages.  A tragedy.  Maybe in 18 months time there will be a cheaper, smaller 3G iPhone not tied to a punishing tariff so I can say goodbye to this design decline forever…


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