Saturation: The easy route to nowhere?


Seeing masses of cash shoved onto a bonfire of foolishness pains any responsible marketer – especially one that often struggles for budget access himself. For two years in a row London commuters have been subject the same design crime of obscene proportions and taxpayers yet another fleecing.

Photographs of gurning generic aspirational gimps and false sounding, chatty copy (‘The bike ride was fun but muddy if you’re not into that there is other stuff to do’..) advertise ridiculously overpriced and unsatisfying holidays in the South West. There appear to be two executions – one is based on a surfer girl and a boyfriend that quite likes the idea of paying £15.99 for fish and chips. The other features an unrealistically perky bloke with a bike helmet and some spray on fake mud whose lady seems to be stuck in some kind of spa brochure of similar late 90s vintage. The site one is directed to looks like something from 1997 that any respectable web agency would remove from its creds to avoid guffaws. The fact is that someone thought ‘hey if we buy a tonne of media in high traffic areas people will notice us’. How lazy.  The South West is a beautiful, dynamic area at its best and deserves better.

Before one even considers that the price and experience of domestic hols is regrettably more appropriate for the guilty green or the logistically challenged, it is worth marveling at the tens of thousands spent on shoving this guff in the faces of indifferent, hassled commuters. I’ve seen no supportive PR, digital executions or broadcast and the ads as they stand are less memorable then discarded fag ends. The saddest thing is the lack of ideas. A gorilla suit and an old Phil Collins track would have cost less and delivered more.


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