Return of the BIG EVENT Advert

Normal service has been resumed on this dark corner of the rantosphere after a particularly heavy time and holiday to Benelux (didn’t see the Lux bit but then again I’ve no cash to stash). Couldn’t help noticing an advert for an advert in the Standard – Sony’s latest 90 second (!) short film for one of its HD products. This one involves Miami and a load of foam.

It looks like Sony for one understands the power of the Big Event Advert in a world of noise and fragmented audiences. Stateside ‘Super Bowl Ads’ are a story and talking point in themselves and produced some interesting work in the 80s. I saw the famous Apple ‘1984’ spot as a child and I think it has given me lifelong brand preference. Of course I didn’t understand it at all but it was different and damn memorable. Infamously, it tested badly with focus gimps but was broadcast anyway.

It all got me wondering about a new kind of structure where big brands invest in this kind of global ‘Wow!’ aesthetic experience and maximise it through digital, PR, every kind of channel imaginable. Of course long after it is out of circulation on TV it will live forever on YouTube racking up the eyeballs and making Sony look very cool indeed. Sadly this is as close as most punters will ever get to experimental film.

However, it is cripplingly expensive and high risk. Trouble is, only the biggest of the big and the best of the best can afford to pull it off. If Adland thinks it is a panacea, its time to see who is drugging the latte.

Always a classic…


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