DSG Dread: High Noon for indifferent electronics retail

So true

So true

I have been too quiet here. As quiet as a wet breezeblock in a summer rain of too many things on the go…but have been shocked into a return by a friendly slap and the sad realisation they may be playing the Last Post at DSG.

Why? A very successful Big Box Masterclass from across the seas is coming on the scene like a blowtorch. Best Buy is roughly 80 times larger than DSG in revenue terms and can squeeze suppliers to the point that prices are cut beyond the bone.

A trip to Best Buy is not like a visit to Sevenoaks Sound and Vision or even Richer Sounds (the latter I will love forever after Julian Richer himself sent me a letter solving a guarantee problem), but it is a dimension away from DSG.

Stores are tidy and well laid out. Most anything you want seems to be in stock at any one time due to a tight supply chain. The prices are internet low. The staff are friendly, clean cut and reasonably well trained in what they are selling. You can ring the phone number (which is free) and someone will pick up.  Trying to reach a specific Dixons is often like trying to reach the Vatican at Christmas and even if you do get through there is no reason to hope anything sensible will happen.  Many a trip I have made to get a printer cartridge or some other item i’ve been told is in stock only to arrive into a vacuum of irrelevance.

Best Buy is legacy free in the UK so it can learn from the mistakes of others as well as its own.  It may even set up a Central London flagship to get some brand power.

I think DSG has some serious soul searching to do. It has coasted in greasy mediocrity far too long and a Yankee Gunslinger has just come to town…


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