Shoes off and mind the red wine: Making carpets cool?

Better replace this

Better replace this

I always notice what appear to be big, new, media outdoor media buys across London.  So when a coyly nude female on her back on a blah carpet like an unlucky turtle in a Novotel room emerged alongside a suggestive URL (Fun on the floor) appeared I remembered it.  Shot so that the male subconcious wanted to jump into the photo yet not so raunched out as to revolt the more sensible females, it bordered on clever. Of course I knew it had something to do with carpeting, probably some kind of industry association type deal but some squares would have even suspected it was saucy.

Well the site is very….ok. Something 2001 IKEAish about it but if one saw the visual horror that is most carpet oriented retailer sites first it looks like something from a better dimension. These people really do need to pool their resources. However, there is no real scope for social media interaction in its current form. Why? Why pepper it up with plastic, blatantly fake case studies and dodgy copy instead?

Carpets have been out of my life a long long time. Hard to clean. Often smell. Stain. They do not feel to be part of the kind of modernist aesthetic I aspire to. I remember finding dead bugs in the 70s shagpile as a kid. Small rugs and hides do nicely for me on bare floorboards. Many, if not most, homes of family and friends have also gone this way.

But, along with vile 70s style prints and general loudness, carpets could well be due for a mainstream revival. I bet in many less metrocentric quarters they never even went away. I am sure there are plenty of gum, fag ash and bug death compromised examples out there waiting for replacement. If there was no credit crunch, that is…


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